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Don’t Understand SEO? You’re Not Alone

Here's a typical scenario: You're a small to medium size business owner just starting out. You know you need a website and you're trying to save money, right? Okay. So far, so good. You sign up with an Internet provider who offers you a…
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Facebook Messenger App: Good or Bad?

Oh, God. Here we go again. Facebook is violating our privacy. Before we get all juiced up about Facebook and their latest Messenger app, let's  discuss some of the facts as well as pro's and con's of the application in which Facebook has tried…
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Your Computer Is Kidnapped – Ransomware Information

And, here I thought this whole time, all I needed to do was protect my children from being kidnapped and held hostage. Instead, I have now placed a baby monitor in my office so I can hear the sleepy hums of my computer, and…
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AVG Error 0Xc0070643

If you’re looking for step by step instructions, this isn't the article for you, but read this to find out how to resolve it via AVG support and to find out how awesome this product and this company really is.  No, I have no…
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