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Googling All Procrastinators: April 21 Is Mobile Mass Destruction Day

Procrastinators, speculators, and penny-pinchers better be ready when April 21st rolls around. This is the fateful day that Google will incorporate a site's mobile-friendliness into its ranking algorithm. Google made it clear in its announcement on their blog, that websites which are not mobile-friendly will,…
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Google Has Spoken: The Age of Mobile IS Here

You knew this was going to happen, didn't you? Over the past few days, Google has been sending email notifications to webmaster users regarding sites that are not mobile friendly. The emails come with a subject that reads, “Fix mobile usability issues”, and then…
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Online Business Resolutions for 2015

Personally speaking, I don't believe in resolutions. What I do believe in is placing a value on something. If I place a value on something I will most likely commit to it because it's, well, valuable to me. I'm sure you think your business is…
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Christmas Shopping Online: Do You Pay More Than Others?

It's pretty darn hard to determine, but you may want to read this as food for thought on which device you use most frequently for your online purchases--especially with the upcoming holiday season fast approaching. In April and May of this year, researchers at…
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